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The User Interface

The TisGraph User Interface is built up modular, with the drawing area in the middle.  At the left, you can find the document tree, maybe (if it is currently open) also the tag tree, which can show documents grouped by tags.  At the bottom, different editing widgets can be opened, e.g. for document properties, the color palette, or the geo-reference of an image.  Both the area at the left and the area at the bottom can be enlarged, shrinked, minimized or maximized as needed.

Using the navigation bar located directly below the menu bar one can define and change the scale of the drawing area, the displayed document page, the layer drawing-, editing- and movement operations refer to, and last but not least the time range of interest.  The latter means, that graphs and tables automatically adapt the set of displayed data to that time range, without any need to change them explicitely.

The tools in the toolbar at the right can

  • move the displayed part of the drawing area
  • modify objects on the drawing area (move, change size and shape, open edit dialog)
  • create new objects (for this purpose, one tool per kind of object like graph, table, text etc. exists)
  • show detail informations about the data displayed in the graphs (e.g. single data points near the mouse cursor)

Finally, the status bar at the bottom contains messages about the program state of TisGraph, e.g. with respect to loading data from various data sources, or with respect to saving, loading, exporting of documents, etc.


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