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Authentication specific configuration in PID at.iteg.tis.graph

The core configuration directives for TISGraph are in it's main PID, at.iteg.tis.graph.

Changes to these keys actually apply without restarting osgi-runner.

delegateLoginMechanismAuthentication backend to use.
See next chapter.

for WISKI-7.2+: at.iteg.wdb.wiski (default value)

for WISKI-7.1: at.iteg.tis.login

for ADS: org.clazzes.login.ldap


List of document contexts allowed. Must not be empty.
See Dokumentenbaum und Schlagwörter (English page TBD)

users.defaultGroupDefault TISGraph group (not ADS group!) for users logging into TISGraph for the first time.
See Dokumentenbaum und Schlagwörter (English page TBD).
users.suPrincipalPrincipal (like in ADS/LDAP) of administrative user.
See next chapter. 

for WISKI-7.2+: at.iteg.wdb.api.dto.WiskiPrincipal::WISKI/Admin

for ADS: org.clazzes.login.ldap.AdsPrincipal::MYDOMAIN/tisgraphAdmin 

Common combinations of delegateLoginMechanism and users.suPrincipal

Here is a list of commonly used authentication backends for TISGraph with apropriate example values for delegateLoginMechanism and users.suPrincipal:

Authentification backenddelegateLoginMechanismusers.suPrincipal exampleRemarks
WDB, default for tisgraph-bundles
(TISGraph with WISKI 7.3+)
at.iteg.wdb.wiskiat.iteg.wdb.api.dto.WiskiPrincipal::WISKI/AdminRequires WDB connection, see below
ADS (via LDAP bzw. org.clazzes.login.ldap)org.clazzes.login.ldaporg.clazzes.login.ldap.AdsPrincipal::MYDOMAIN/tisgraphAdmin 

Most authentication backends (all except WISKI) are supported through one of our Open Source projects, see DomainPasswordLoginService implementations and backends for a full list of backend adaptors and their configuration.

Configuring Backend Connections

Depending on the products used as authentication backends and sources of data to be graphed, specific configuration steps are necessary:

Restart osgi-runner

For all configuration changes to apply it is now time to restart the osgi-runner service the OS's way.

First login

When Karaf is up again, after maybe 2 minutes, TISGraph's Web UI should be available at (change 8081 to the HTTP port you chose for osgi-runner).

Once a successful login is possible, you or an end user may continue with First Steps (English, TBD) resp. Erste Schritte (German).

If something goes wrong, investigate osgi.log.


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